And the 2012 winner is…

Bye bye, please don't come again.

Bye bye, please don’t come again.

Remember this time when you would look at the date and say, wow March/June/September already? We’ll unfortunately you can’t do that anymore, the years gone. The good news is that your footy team gets another shot next year, hot cross buns will be in the local bakery very soon, and the start of the year tends to have more public holidays in it than the last half of the year.

This year has gone quite fast for Scarecrow Vs too, so now is as gooder time as any to give a little recap  go through and summarise what we’ve found so far about bird scarers.

The plastic owl, plastic snake, bird balloon and CD’s tied on a string didn’t have much of a sting when it came to scaring birds. All of these techniques had a honeymoon period (however short) but after that really didn’t do much. The bird balloon was the weakest of the lot, and appeared to be designed to have humans think it was designed to scare birds off.

The scarecrow worked well in our experience. Birds still were in the backyard but not on the lawn seed I had thrown down. The scarecrow is also cheap if you’ve got some old clothes and some PVC pipe or timber lying around, it can also be moved relatively easily.

The best by far and my pick of 2012 was the hawk bird scarer. When i put it up even my wife commented on ‘how quiet’ the backyard was, which is something believe me. It did take some time and thought to set up, and it was the most expensive birdscarer tested, but it was also the most effective.

For more information and scores, check on the methods page.

Happy new year to you and your family.