An In-Depth Look at Scaring Birds

Browsing the internet I came across a great blog post which i’d like to share with you about scaring birds.

The post goes into some detail about the blog authors (princesstachana) struggle with birds.

She like many people are growing vegetables in their backyard. It appears that she  isn’t the only one who likes home grown vegetables, as there is a problem with birds getting at her vegies.

The post goes into a lot of detail about how she made her bird scarer (CD’s tied on a string) and what affect it had. There are plenty of pictures and even videos which we like here at

Good reading if you’re thinking of growing your own vegetables and not sure what to do about a potential pest problem and how to go about scaring birds.


Life at 1:1 scale

Life at 1:1 scale


See the post here – Life at 1:1 scale

On this blog post it also details how to make the bird scarer using old CD’s and some string. She has made her bird scarer quite well if you ask me, they don’t look like they are going to fall apart any time soon. So if you are interested in scaring birds this way I would suggest that you have a look at this post, and the videos on the post.


Scarecrow Vs has tested out CD’s tied on a string for the purpose of scaring birds away. We found that they were not very effective, as the birds came right up close and the flashing light didn’t seem to bother the birds.

This does not mean that old CD’s don’t deter birds. Where there is smoke there is fire, they may work for some birds, or in some circumstances, they just didn’t work in ours. You need to read and ask questions of people who have tried to scare away birds in your area to find out what works and what doesn’t.