Bird Spikes

Bird-X SP-10-NR Bird Spikes Kit

Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes

Birds are a humane and quiet way to keep out bird and other small animals from places where you don’t want them. The bird spikes are used to stop pests leaving a mess or nesting on your property. They are great for areas where birds tend to perch.

The Bird-X SP-10-NR Bird Spikes are  clear/slighty frosted plastic strips with pointy plastic strips that come with a tube of liquid nails glue. It takes about 15 minutes to get everything in place.

The birds can’t land on the spikes they will stay away, leaving you happy noise and mess free.


What Do The Bird Spikes Do?

The spikes keep pests from landing and sitting. All you do is glue them to where you want to keep pests away from and attach the spikes there. They will keep away pesky birds hanging out on the ledge above doors, on balconies, rafters, tree branches, and anywhere that birds generally sit. They will also keep other animals away from the area keeping it clean and free from noise and mess, which is not a good look.


The Bird-X bird spikes are not for commercial or large jobs, but solves a problem that hardware stores can’t. There are bird spikes for larger jobs available.


How To Use The Bird Spikes?

To set up the spikes, you need to

  1. Find where the birds and pests are lingering
  2. Clean the area
  3. Trim the plastic spikes to fit the area
  4. Use the glue which comes with the spikes on the area you wan to keep the birds away
  5. Stick the bird spikes onto the glue.
  6. Poof…no more birds!

The glue dries clear like silicone in about 5-10 minutes It is also easily removable with a putty-knife or scraper if you need to remove it..

You don’t want to leave any spaces in between the spike strips because birds will still be able to perch there. The maximum gap you can leave is 2-3 inches if you are trying to stretch the product. If you have a decent area you may want to but more than one pack or buy the larger pack.

A good tip if you are going to apply the bird spikes on a balcony or ledge is to use a line of fishing reel. Tie the fishing line so it acts like a fence and your bird spikes don’t fall off the edge while you are setting them up. You will have to cover the entire rail if you wish to keep the birds away.


Bird Spikes Work Best Against

  • Pigeons
  • Swallows
  • Cats
  • Squirrels

** In rare cases birds can pile sticks and grass on top of the spikes until they were padded and then build nests on top of the padding. This can be fixed with periodic cleaning.


Notes About The Bird Spikes

Installing the bird spikes will take you 10-15 minutes.

You only get 10 pieces. If you use them in a single file, then you get 10′ worth of product, which is about enough to cover three window sills on average

One box may not be enough for even a small balcony.

We put 3 rows of birds spikes under the A/C 3 years ago and I have peace and quiet and cleanliness!

The bird-x bird spikes have been used many times, and 60% of reviews have been 5 star.


bird spikes in action

bird spikes in action


The Bird-X SP-10-NR Bird Spikes Kit usually costs $25 in hardware stores but is available online for $16 here

There is a stainless steel version of the bird spikes that are sturdier. They are also for those who don’t trust plastic to last.

The stainless steel version does cost more and is available here.