Bird scarers at the local hardware

Birds watching and waiting

The other day I went to buy some bird scaring devices. In the local hardware store I asked the store clerk if she had any bird scarers and told her about how I wanted to scare away birds off the lawn I was attempting to plant.

She laughed and told me that the hardware store (a massive shed) is paying someone to ethically dispose of the birds that nest in the store at night, and she was convinced that the pest controller hadn’t caught a single bird.

She explained that the birds had learnt the routine, they wait for the roller doors to open in the morning and get in before the roller doors close at night. Seeing that these birds are that smart, I figured that I would be up against it with my efforts in scaring birds.

Doing some more research around the web, there are quite a few videos of peoples bird scaring attempts. From loud noises to flashing lights One guy even had every technique he had ever heard of, in his back yard, all going at the same time.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want the cure to be worse than the disease…

Were trying to deter the birds to create a nicer outside space not a self imposed worse one!


Until next time.