Double check before you buy!

Last night before going to see the movie Jack Reacher, (pretty good not great btw) we were doing some research to have a look at bird scarers.

birds sitting on a wire

birds not phased by the Ultrasonic Animal Repeller



I saw a product that was titled “Bird-X YG Yard Gard Ultrasonic Animal Repeller”.

Now looking at the name you might be think that it is a bird repeller, it does have the word ‘bird’ and ‘repeller’ in it.

But it isn’t.

It is an animal repeller, it repels cats, dogs raccoons and other animals you don’t want on ¬†your property.

Turns up that Bird-X is the name of the brand!

It, like a lot of animal/bird repellers has mixed reviews. The ones that are good tend to be longer than the ones that rate it poorly.

The ones that rate the product poorly are usually something like,

“I put it out and then some birds started nesting in it, what a waste of time.”

Where as the ones that rate the product well will tell you more information.

“I had x problem with y pests, I decided to put the repeller up here, and monitored it for a few days/weeks, and this is what happened.”


So its hard for people to read the reviews and work out what the two different people did differently, it does look bad on the person who only wrote one or two senteneces.

So on that note i am leaving comments under the new deterers/products I am adding to the reviews page.

Please leave a comment that is helpful to other readers if you have had any experience.


Hope this helps!




Just a thought for you because it confused me!. You can see the details about the Ultrasonic Animal Repller here.