How To Scare Away Birds

How to Scare Away Birds
Birds have really good eyesight and they are easily scared away by unexpected visuals and or what the bird thinks are predators. Have you ever been driving down the highway and have seen a homemade ‘Scarecrow’? We almost all have and the scarecrow is there for a reason and the reason is to scare away birds. One might not think about that scarecrow upon passing the scarecrow on a farm in a rural area, but birds can be a nuisance for all.
Here are some great scare tactics that work in scaring away birds. A’ bird ‘scarcer is any one of a number of devices designed to scare birds, usually employed by farmers to dissuade birds from eating recently planted crops. Birds also accumulate on airfields and bird scare tactics are used to prevent the bird accumulation near runways, causing a potential hazard to aircraft. The scarecrow is the oldest design of a bird scare tactic because the scarecrow is in the shape of a human form. The scarecrow idea has been improvised numerous times and not all visual scare devices like the scarecrow are shaped like humans. ‘The Flash Man Bird Scarer’, iridescent tape and ‘TerrorEye Balloons’ amongst other inventions are also used.
One idea is to run towards the birds and scare them away. You can try keeping them away by getting their all-time enemy, the cat. One might also have to get rid of whatever is attracting the birds if one can. Hanging objects that reflect light will scare birds away and keep them from coming back. One can do this with CDs or aluminum pie plates and use a good strong twine or fishing line to hang the objects from trees. When the wind blows, these objects will make noise and reflect the sunlight, which will cause the birds to look for another place to perch. If one wants to keep the birds off their roofs, try using ‘Bird Spikes’. These bird spikes can be ordered online or bought your local hardware store. One can also make them by drawing up a design after viewing the bird spike a website.
Watch the birds to find out which type is causing the most problem for you. Look around for droppings and nesting material to help you identify the bird easier. Measure the area for your solution. If the birds eat plants, then place statutes of animals that are predators to birds, such as owls, snakes, and wolves around your garden. The birds will not understand that the statutes are not real animals.
Certainly there are many birds that are so beautiful and part of nature, but when a bird species comes into your world and affects your life, they become like any other pest. It’s time to get rid of them and the best way is by scaring them. The scarecrow is still the most popular and has been around for years in many farmers fields as a scare tactic for birds.