Scarecrow Vs Site Update


If this is your first visit, welcome to the website that compares bird scarers.

This website intends to provide quality information on bird scarers and domestic bird scaring techniques. After my experience with many different bird scarers that didn’t work, I thought it was important to have some reference where people can learn from other peoples experiences.

To help make the best reference for users, we have added some more bird scarer reviews (the Laguna Blue Heron Bird Scarer, and the Nite Guard Solar Predator Control Light). Please follow the links to find out how these bird scarers fare.

Goshawk Reader Image


To help build the best resource we encourage you the readers to send us photos, information and stories via email.

Here we have a photo from a reader who has just set up a imitation goshawk to scare some birds from nesting in his shed, and leaving a large mess over his tools.

We will update you with his progress when he emails us, good luck mate!


We have had some correspondence from readers which we encourage, please use the contact us page as we endeavor to return your comment within a day or two.

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Thanks for reading and good scaring!